Tina on Economics

I first encountered the “something for nothing” concept in the far north of Scotland.  They just don’t seem to understand up there that nothing is free.  I constantly ask public service what the basis of economics is, and they can’t tell me.


are the answers … the fact that time=money is alien to them.

When I first moved to Caithness in 2000, I did a lot of voluntary work.  I soon learned that the more you did the more you were expected to do and some people got nasty if you didn’t do it.

By far the worst experience has been with the North Highland Way.  The “Enterprise” organisation not only expected the feasibility study and business plan for free when they couldn’t even be bothered to look at the spec, but the Highland Council wanted everything for free as well.  Both are organisations who are allegedly supposed to look after economic development.  At one meeting I had to insist that the “v” for voluntary word was not used as it was a business meeting.

I started naming and shaming some of those who don’t understand on my LetsGoNorth News Service.



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