Highland Council email 30/8/2018

Tina Irving <tinadirving@gmail.com>

00:48 (16 minutes ago)

to Colinstuart.blackEwingFirstMinistermichael.gove.mp
Dear Mr Black and Mr Simpson
You have still not responded to my request for a meeting on 13th September.  However, I will not now be in Inverness on that date but will be there on the afternoon of 7th.  Perhaps Mr. Ewing would like to join us at our proposed meeting.
Ditto you have still not responded to my question as to whether Eann Sinclair can chair the proposed meeting of public services.
There are now three petitions out in the public domain, one to disband HIE, one for Mr. Gove to consider investigating the Barnett Formula and the wastage in public services, but the one which most concerns you is the stage of the roads… see
As discovered recently, the NC500 has , it would appear, adversely impacted on the Councils budget for road maintenance.
Additionally, I have diiscovered that the RSPB and NHI have been working for four years to create viewing points along the route from the coast to Forssinard.
I am at  loss as to understand why all of this money can be spent on a project which potentially does not fulfill the requirements of the EU Directive on Sustainable Tourism  I have asked HIE if the have considered it.
Having asked for information on this project from FOI, and it having being refused, as well as all correspondence since 2004 between Mr. Black and myself, one wonders why this could possibly be.
I look forward to discussing these matters with you, if you are available, on 7th September.  Failing that, perhaps you could furnish me with replies by email.
I am asking these questions as a Freelance Journalist and a member of the NUJ, not as the project manager of the North Highland Way.
This email has been posted on my web site at www.tinasfreelance.com undr thee LetsGoNorth New Service for all interested parties to view.

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